Medical Reports

An industry leader in the provision of medical evidence for NIHL cases; WH Experts Ltd has developed a unique full administration service. This ensures that attention is given to the finest of details and that all staff members, through observation days with partner law firms, have an understanding of the perspective from all sides of the process.

Clinic appointments - WH Experts Ltd utilises a nationwide panel of medical experts to deliver a successful clinic strategy. Regular clinics are held in a large number of locations to provide the quickest and most convenient service for you and the client.

Pre-medical call - Prior to their appointment the client will undergo a pre-medical telephone call to cover all requirements for the day and provide the client with an opportunity to ask any questions they may have. This is then followed by regular reminders by SMS and email to ensure that they attend their appointment.

Audiology screening - On the day, the claimant will participate in an audiogram test followed by an ENT examination to discuss the presence of any NIHL, with the report produced to include any documentation provided to the expert.

When required, ad hoc appointments, transport for clients unable to attend their appointment independently and even home visits can be arranged. WH Experts Ltd can also help to source any documentation that may support the client’s claim i.e. employment records / HMRC schedules / medical records, and supply these prior to the appointment.

Medical Records


WH Experts Ltd understand that obtaining medical records can be very time consuming and costly especially if multiple sets are needed.

We will arrange for a Form of Authority to be completed by the client explaining the need for obtaining their authority.

We will liaise with the relevant data providers to obtain all the necessary medical records and ensure all payments are promptly made.

Once received our experienced team will check all records are complete before forwarding to the nominated expert to incorporate into the medico-legal report.

Send copies to the instructing solicitor to review.

Copies of all records are sent securely and we and our experts adhere to the requirements of the GDPR Regulations 2018.