Our overriding objective at WH Experts Ltd is to offer a totally consistent and reliable medical reports service for solicitors, medical experts, insurers and claimants.

We recognise it’s about managing many different needs and we know it’s about detail and delivering what we say and when yet we also understand it not about pretending to be all things to all people.

Take the hassle out of personal injury claims, have medical reports your way.

We dedicate our efforts towards carefully serving our business partners in a way that best suits their needs. With our personal approach each case will be closely manged by a designated case handler. Their job is to provide each instructing party with a direct point of contact who understands your business and delivers the information you need in the manner you prefer.

Case handlers are aware of the importance of deadlines, regular updates and clear communication in all aspects of the case. Having cases handler’s means there is always someone at the other end of the phone who knows your procedures, how you operate and works hard to help you progress the claim.


Some of our solicitors now regard us as an integral part their team and working processes, rather than simply being an external supplier.

To everyone at WH Experts Ltd is all about fostering strong business relationships by delivering excellent service for a faster and more effective claims settlement process.